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...But it is perhaps Sydney Patrick as Lauren who steals each scene she appears in, bringing the house down with her showstopping rendition of “The History of Wrong Guys”, channeling divas such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper herself in an unforgettable performance that balances the humour and sheer vocal technique required to elevate the song to new heights, leaving us both impressed and laughing throughout the number as she trills and goofs around with the factory set onstage.

Singapore | KINKY BOOTS

...The lovelorn Lauren is the show stealer for me. The solo number where she discovers that she has developed a crush on Charlie is rip-roaringly hilarious. Her comic timing is impeccable and I guarantee you’ll never hear a song delivered in a funnier way. Her solo number alone will justify the price of the ticket.

Singapore | KINKY BOOTS


And kudos to Patrick for truly nailing every single comedic moment she is in – making her solo song The History of Wrong Guys one of the most memorable throughout the duration of the musical.

Singapore | KINKY BOOTS


...As Lauren, Sydney Patrick engages the audience during her solo, “The History of Wrong Guys,”  the big voice and solid vocal acrobatics coming from the tiny-framed actress... Patrick’s acting and expressions throughout the song are crystal clear as she realizes that she is falling for Charlie. Her comedic timing and artistic choices, although very different from Annaleigh Ashford’s, the actress who originated the role on Broadway, make the role her own and endear her to the audience, which gave her some the biggest laughs of the evening Friday...

South Bend Tribune | KINKY BOOTS

South Bend, Indiana

Sydney Patrick as Lauren is a highlight thanks to her spunky personality, stellar character acting, and entertaining vocals. Her comedic number "The History of Wrong Guys" is pure entertainment. Her spunk and charm are evident throughout.

Broadway World | KINKY BOOTS

Syracuse, New York

One of his employees Lauren (played by Sydney Patrick) gives one of the best comedic performances as she experiences some changes with The History of Wrong Guys in midst of the production line... 

SmartShanghai | KINKY BOOTS

Shanghai, China

The cast was fantastic, including Sydney Patrick, who has the most mobile face we've ever seen - she humorously brought her character, Lauren, to life.

Wandering Educator | KINKY BOOTS

Kalamazoo, Michigan

The song that stuck with me was, “The History of Wrong Guys,” performed by Lauren, the love interest of the story. In the song, you get to see her quirky character on display as she helps Charlie find his way with the new venture.

After that song, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her anytime she was on stage.

Sara Bozich | KINKY BOOTS

Hershey, Pennsylvania

"...As Lauren, the factory girl who discovers she is falling for Charlie, Sydney Patrick sings "The History of Wrong Guys" about her character that is so wonderfully in character you wonder why that is her only song in the show..."

Duluth News Tribune | KINKY BOOTS

Duluth, Minnesota

Featured players... Sydney Patrick as Charlie’s love-struck employee Lauren turn in stand-out performances among the supporting cast (Patrick’s “The History of Wrong Guys” is one the show’s funniest numbers)... 

DC Metro Theatre Arts | KINKY BOOTS

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Luff and her fellow stage sisters... Sydney Patrick as Amy — have a remarkable chemistry onstage, with nuanced and believable expressions of the love-hate dichotomy of siblinghood.

Aspen Times | LITTLE WOMEN

Aspen, Colorado

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